In the Doctor’s Office

Kidsfractures.com was created by two orthopedic surgeons, when one was in training (Sohrab Gollogly MD) and the other was the professor (John T. Smith, MD). ┬áDr. Smith practices at Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake City, and Dr. Gollogly practices at Monterey Spine and Joint in Monterey California. ┬áBoth surgeons actively treat pediatric fractures, and their respective practices can be contacted at the following address:


Pediatric Orthopedic Associates

Dr. John T. Smith

Primary Children’s Medical Center

Salt Lake City, Utah

Appointments: (801) 588-3900


Monterey Spine and Joint

Dr. Sohrab Gollogly

12 Upper Ragsdale, Suite A

Monterey, California

Appointments: (831) 648-7200





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