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Cast Care – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about how to take care of casts… Red, White, and Blue!!! Can I get my cast wet? It depends…If you have a plaster cast, it definitely cannot get wet.  The plaster will become soggy and soft and no longer will it hold the fracture.  A fiberglass cast …

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Fiberglass Cast Care — Putting it on

Here is how a fiberglass cast is put on…. First the splint is removed. The arm usually looks a little bit shrunken in parts, and swollen in others. Often it is obvious where the bone is broken.  After the splint has been removed, a cotton sock called a stockinette is rolled over the arm.  Then, …

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cast care — taking it off


And here is how a cast is taken off…. When the casts come back to us, they usually look a little more dirty then they were when the were first put on. To remove a cast, a special cast saw is used to cut just the fiberglass. Cast saws make a lot of noise because …

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