Fiberglass Cast Care — Putting it on

Here is how a fiberglass cast is put on….

First the splint is removed. The arm usually looks a little bit shrunken in parts, and swollen in others. Often it is obvious where the bone is broken.  After the splint has been removed, a cotton sock called a stockinette is rolled over the arm.  Then, several rolls of cast padding are rolled around the arm. Cast padding is used so that the fiberglass tape will not irriate the skin or cause cast sores. The fiberglass tape that is used for casting is first dunked in water, and then after it has been rolled on, it starts to set up. It is normal for the arm to feel warm as the fiberglass tape is curing and giving off heat.

a broken arm after cast removal

the cast has been appliedmolding the castAfter one or two rolls of fiberglass have been applied, the ends of the stockinette are turned down in order to form a nice cuff at both ends of the cast, and one more roll of fiberglass is used to hold the ends of the cuff down. The doctor then molds the cast by pressing firmly in the area where the fracture is. This process helps to make sure that the bones are in the correct position for healing.

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